First Impressions of Traintopia by Board&Dice 
Traintopia is a 2-4 Drafting, Tile Placement game.
♟Components: Tiles and Cards have different backings to tell them apart as well as the Victory Tokens are different sizes. Only negative thing is the gray spaces look blue, but it doesn’t affect gameplay. Everything is very well produced. Rating 8.5
📔Rulebook: Very well put together. Easy to follow. Only Negative was it wasn’t clear when you score your Objective Card. Rating 9
🧩Setup: Simple to follow. Rating 9
🎲Gameplay: Easy to learn, Fast paced, Very little downtime, Easy to teach. Well balanced between simple and complex. Negative. Train track can expand into others play area, and off the table. Depending on tiles you might need a larger play area. Rating 8.5
📦Putaway: Enough bags to separate each piece. Box insert has a labeled spot for each component. No room for expansion if one comes out. Rating 9 
Overall: Fun, Fast, Gateway Game. Our Rating 8.8

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