🐭 Tiny Towns: Architects has 25 new building cards (including an alternative to cottages), 5 new monument cards, a dry erase scoreboard, and meeple stickers to make your tiny town look great.

🏰 War Chest: Nightfall adds 4 new units that bring new tactics that are both subtle and deadly. Many things can happen in the dark to throw an enemy into disarray before the main battle ever starts.

🚀 Space Base: Genesis has 102 new ship cards and 36 new colony cards providing massive card variety and additional paths to victory for experienced players.

⛳️ Cubitos: Fowl Play adds two new colors of dice to join the race. They bring their own ability cards as well as new ones for the existing dice. A double sided racetrack provides more racing options. And additional components allow you to play with up to 6 players!

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